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What Are the Most Common Signs of Depression? November 1, 2017

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
What Are the Most Common Signs of Depression?, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Depression is a common yet conquerable mental health issue, and dealing with it in a healthy way starts by identifying its symptoms. Clinical Services, a mental health clinic in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, has been treating depression in the community for nearly 30 years. They recommend starting treatment the moment you notice yourself or a loved one struggling.

Here are a few common signs of depression:

  • Decreased Energy: Those struggling with depression may notice a loss of energy throughout their day. Take note if you suddenly find yourself or a loved one needing far more sleep than usual, particularly if your fatigue is accompanied by other signs of depression. Since exhaustion can also be related to temporary stress, it’s important to remember it alone does not mean someone is depressed.

  • Loss of Interest: If you are noticing a decline in your overall motivation and enthusiasm, this could be a sign of a mental health issue. Depression is associated with low levels of serotonin, which can lead to disinterest in activities you once found fulfilling. 

  • Changes in Appetite: Depression can affect an individual’s eating habits, so if you note yours have changed drastically, it’s important to pay attention. Some people find themselves consuming more food than usual, while others are unable to work up an appetite.

  • depressionPersistent Pains: Aches and pains that persist, even with treatment, can be a sign of depression. Headaches, joint pains, cramps, and digestive issues can all be linked to mental health. 

  • Self-Harm: Self-harm tactics, such as cutting or attempted suicide, are an extreme sign of depression. Men are up to four times as likely as women to commit suicide, but any mention of self-harm should always be taken seriously. Never leave a suicidal person alone, and call for help as soon as possible.

Each individual battle with depression is unique. How one person experiences the disease could differ from another. Thus, not all symptoms will be apparent in all people. However, it is important to seek professional help if you believe you or a loved one may be depressed. Clinical Services in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, specializes in providing a wide variety of quality, compassionate counseling services. For more information or to seek help today, visit their website or call (715) 424-3400.

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