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Columbus Remodeling Contractor Explains 3 Ways to Decide Between Granite & Marble May 19, 2017

Worthington, Franklin
Columbus Remodeling Contractor Explains 3 Ways to Decide Between Granite & Marble, Worthington, Ohio

Installing new granite or marble kitchen counters and bathroom floors will undoubtedly give your interiors a sleek new look. The team at Capstone M.G.T. in Columbus, OH, knows there are several differences between the materials you should keep in mind. This way, you can determine which will work best for your individual needs. From design to execution, the remodeling contractor is always available to provide clients with expert advice and tips to make their residential and commercial remodeling projects successful.

If you’re not sure whether granite or marble is best for your project, Franklin County’s top remodeling contractor shares three factors to help you decide: 

  • Durability: If you use countertops for cooking prep or have small children and pets that trample across bathroom floors, consider remodeling with granite. Highly durable, the rock can withstand stains and scratches with minimal surface wear. Marble is more porous than granite, which means it is likely to chip or crack with constant contact. If you opt for marble, coat it with sealer for added protection.
  • remodeling-contractorMaintenance: Although both natural stones require upkeep to maintain their appearance, marble calls for more care than granite. Acidic foods and beverages can easily stain marble, so spills need to be cleaned up immediately. To protect the porous stone from accidental damage, resealing is necessary twice a year. Granite can be treated once every two years. Keep in mind, lighter varieties are more porous and require additional attention. 
  • Appearance: When deciding between marble and granite, take into account the appearance of each material. The former features a large vein-like pattern and comes in shades of black or white. The design in granite is subtler, as the grain appears as small specks of blue, orange, green, pink, or red. Granite has a naturally glossy appearance, but marble can be sealed and polished to produce the same effect. 

If you’re looking for a new look for your bathroom or kitchen, contact Capstone M.G.T. To discuss your business or home remodeling project, call (614) 551-9339 today. Visit them online to find out how the remodeling contractor will revamp your space.

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