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The Most Touching Funeral Moments of 2016 May 18, 2017

Stratford, Fairfield County
The Most Touching Funeral Moments of 2016, Stratford, Connecticut

Attending a funeral service is guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings. Whether it be an old friend, close family member, or a service you attend simply out of respect, the ending of a life is an emotional affair. In operation for over a century, Adzima Funeral Home of Stratford, CT, has seen and heard of some incredibly touching services.

To remind you of the beauty that can outshine the sadness of a funeral, they have decided to share some of their favorite stories:

  • funeralAll Dogs Go to Heaven: A dog’s passing is much different than that of a family member, but it is no less painful. Nero, a German Shepherd who served for seven years in Afghanistan, enjoyed a leisurely life of retirement before his death at age eight. Upon his passing, he was covered with an American flag and given a proper funeral to honor his service.
  • A True Superhero: In Fort Worth, TX, a young Spider-Man fan was found by police officer Damon Cole, unconscious in his family's backyard pool. Though Officer Cole acted swiftly and attempted to revive the boy, he was unsuccessful. After learning from the boy's parents that Joshua was a Spider-Man fan, Officer Cole attended the funeral dressed as the superhero—a special tribute to the boy who was buried in a matching costume.
  • Rain or Shine: Jerry O'Keefe III was an American World War II veteran who died peaceably at the age of 93. Loved by the entire town of Ocean Springs, MI, his funeral overflowed with attendees. Even those who never knew him personally had heard of his stories and paid their respects, including Kaiden Wade. The 9-year-old boy stood on the side of the street in the rain, barefoot, holding his hand to his heart for 30 minutes as the funeral procession passed.

Funerals are both painful and beautiful. As we remember all the best qualities of our lost loved one, we also see the best come out in their survivors. Adzima Funeral Home is passionate about participating in these touching stories. Through unparalleled honesty and integrity, they provide unwavering support during your time of need. For more information, visit their website or call (203) 375-2200 today. 

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