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Stuck With a Rainy Moving Day? Local Movers Explain What to Do May 10, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
Stuck With a Rainy Moving Day? Local Movers Explain What to Do, Ewa, Hawaii

After weeks of planning and preparation, you’re finally packed up and ready to move. Then, all of the sudden, it starts pouring rain. Don’t fret just yet! A rainy day doesn’t have to spoil your big day. The experienced local movers from Express Movers in Waipahu, HI, have the advice you need to brave the weather and protect your belongings.

4 Tips for Moving on a Rainy Day

1. Cover Up

Even though you’re moving out, you need to ensure your floors remain free of damage. Use plastic drop sheets, old sheets, and blankets to protect your floors from mud, debris, and water damage. You can also use old carpets and towels.

2. Wrap Up

local moversUnfortunately, cardboard boxes aren’t ideal in heavy rain, as they can quickly become soggy and damage the contents inside. If the rain is really coming down, wrap your boxes in plastic wrap. If you haven’t already packed, you can instead opt to use plastic containers. If it’s only sprinkling, you probably don’t need to worry about your boxes — but you should still use plastic wrap, blankets, and sheets to protect artwork, valuables, and furniture.

3. Check Your Insurance Policy

If it’s pouring out, unfortunately, your items are more likely to suffer water damage. In the case of an accident, check your insurance policy to ensure you’re protected. Typically, you can buy moving insurance at short notice.

4. Enlist Professional Movers

Employees from the best moving companies know how to pack in every type of weather, from heavy wind to pouring rain. If you’re worried about your belongings or would simply like to avoid the additional stress involved with moving in bad weather, consult your local movers.

The experts from Express Movers ensure a smooth move every time, rain or shine. To learn more about how these local movers will make your transition a breeze, call today at (808) 753-5555 or visit the company’s website. You can also find the moving company on Facebook.

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