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Safety Alert: Electrical Contractors Share 3 Rewiring Warning Signs May 19, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Safety Alert: Electrical Contractors Share 3 Rewiring Warning Signs, Cincinnati, Ohio

Older homes tend to have the unique beauty and charm many people prefer. Unfortunately, old age may have an impact on electrical wiring systems in mature houses. For 71 years, Osterwisch Company in Cincinnati has been the area’s premier electrical contractor by providing professional, safe, and affordable services, including rewiring.

Given the delicacy and potential dangers of handling electrical wiring in the home, it’s best to turn to a licensed and experienced electrician to diagnose problems. There are a few warning signs that indicate rewiring may be needed. Here are a few to look out for:

  • Light Flickering: If you notice lights flickering on and off for no apparent reason, it could be a sign the house’s wiring network is dealing with an overload of electricity. A rewiring is especially recommended if the flickering occurs after replacing old light bulbs.
  • electrical contractorCircuit Breaker Problems: When there is a surge in power in the home, the panel of circuit breaker is supposed to trip to accommodate the additional swell of electricity. As a protective measure the power will shut off until the levers are reset. If resetting has become a common occurrence, it may be time for a rewiring.
  • Damaged Sockets: Inspect sockets throughout the home for signs of burns or scorching. The damage is typically the result of the sockets being overloaded with electricity. Smoke or sparks are other red flags. In either case, a certified electrical contractor can properly assess the problems and provide rewiring service.

If your home or business’ electrical system isn’t working as it should, call Osterwisch Company today at (513) 791-3282 to determine if rewiring service is needed. You can also visit the website for extensive information on a wide range of services.