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3 Tips From a High Point Chiropractor for Better Spinal Health This Spring May 17, 2017

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3 Tips From a High Point Chiropractor for Better Spinal Health This Spring, High Point, North Carolina

With warmer weather arriving, the urge to get up off the sofa and exercise or go outside increases. While getting enough exercise is great for your health, it’s important to take the proper measures to protect your spine and neck, especially if you didn’t do much physical activity during the winter. The chiropractors at South Main Chiropractic in High Point, NC, know all about spinal health and have tips for easing back into exercise this spring.

Chiropractor Explains How to Start Spring Exercise Routines 

Stretch Before & After

chiropractorNo matter the activity, stretching can help with soreness and stiff joints, as well as prevent injury. Before and after exercising, do a whole body stretch to loosen up your muscles. It’s recommended by chiropractors to start with the biggest muscles, like the hamstrings and quadriceps, and then work your way up your body, stretching your torso, back, arms, and neck.

Start Slow

After a winter of minimal physical activity, your mind is likely ready to hit the pavement, but your body may not be as ready yet. The first time you take out your bike or tie up your running shoes, take it slower than you normally do to avoid any injuries and ease yourself back into it.

Use Heat Therapy

Like stretching, heat therapy is a great way to loosen up your muscles and joints and ease soreness as you get back into your exercise routine. Heat therapy can be used both before and after physical exercise. A heat compress before a workout can prevent muscle strains; after a workout, it can stop cramping by calming your muscles.

Discuss what methods will work best for your body as you get back into physical activity this spring by contacting South Main Chiropractic Clinic. Located in High Point, NC, the team is committed to maintaining your spinal health. For more information or to make an appointment with a chiropractor, contact the helpful staff at (336) 885-5200 or visit them online.

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