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A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Chainsaw May 23, 2017

Monroe, Fairfield County
A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Chainsaw, Monroe, Connecticut

While working with the wrong chainsaw is a safety hazard, finding the right model has the potential to make your project much easier. To ensure you buy the best tool for cutting wood, it’s wise to seek the assistance of an outdoor power tools expert. Serving Monroe, CT, L & R Power Equipment is the outlet locals rely on for chainsaws. As a licensed provider of STIHL® power tools, they want to help you find the best equipment available for your needs. 

The team explains three key considerations you should make as you search for the ideal chainsaw:

  • Make Sure You’re Comfortable: When you’re examining the different chainsaw specs, it can be tempting to simply choose the most powerful tool. But at a certain point, an increase in power is a tradeoff that offers less control. Since even the lighter weight STIHL chainsaws are extraordinarily effective, you’re often better off choosing a saw in the middle power range. That way, you can handle and master it without any struggle. 
  • Get Serious About Safety: As experienced as you may be with a chainsaw, it is still smart to buy a product with as many safety features as possible. Even the most skilled operator can make a mistake, and you want to protect yourself if that happens. Choose a chainsaw with features like an inertia chain brake and side chain tensioning.  
  • Reflect on Your Project: At the end of the day, remember there is no “best” STIHL chainsaw. Different chainsaws are best for different types of projects. If you know what type of wood you’ll be cutting, for instance, that will help the L & R Power Equipment staff guide you to a favorable option. 

As you begin looking for the right chainsaw, L & R Power Equipment is always willing to walk you through your options. To discuss your specific needs with the friendly staff, dial (203) 268-8400. Learn more about the company’s products by visiting their website

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