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3 Things to Prepare for a Keynote Speaker May 17, 2017

Plymouth - Wayzata, Wayzata
3 Things to Prepare for a Keynote Speaker, Wayzata, Minnesota

Are you looking for ways to motivate your employees? Walter Bond Seminars, based in Wayzata, MN, knows few things are more inspirational than a keynote speaker. Walter Bond knows exactly what to say to get people excited about personal growth and achievement. He also knows there are several things to consider while preparing for a great motivational experience.

What to Prepare for a Keynote Speaker

1. Sound

keynote speakerFirst, and most importantly, make sure your speaker can be heard from all spots in the room or auditorium. Test the microphone for clear, high-quality sound. External, rather than built-in, speakers produce the best sound and should be arranged at the front, middle, and back of the room. If the session is being recorded, put microphones in the audience so their response is included. If audience participation is encouraged, consider putting several accessible microphones throughout the room.

2. Seating

When done properly, the seating arrangement ensures optimum audience engagement. Stadium seating is best, but when it’s unavailable, set the seats in such a way that every member of the audience can see the speaker. If in a rectangular room, put the stage on the long wall and arrange the seats around it. It’s easier for a motivational speaker to reach a wide audience than a deep one. Keep the seats as close to the stage as possible and no less than six feet away. Also, don’t set up too many chairs. It’s better to have too few chairs and have to bring more in than to have awkward gaps in the seating if there are too many.

3. Stage

The stage is the frame for the keynote speaker and should point the audience’s attention toward him or her. Make sure it is well-lit and has a dark background. The stage should be at least 16 feet deep and 18 feet long. Consult with the speaker’s manager about their personal preferences for the podium, presentation screen, water, props, and anything else they need. There should also be accessible steps so the speaker can approach the audience and encourage participation.

Whatever your reasons for hiring a keynote speaker, take every opportunity to facilitate audience involvement and learning. Following these simple tips will help them focus on the speaker, absorb what’s being said, and apply it to their lives and work.

Walter Bond can speak on a variety of subjects, including sports, finance, and business. Call his office today at (877) 796-1500 to book him for your next event, and learn more about his speaking subjects at his website.

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