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3 Tips for Maintaining a Home With Acreage in Arkansas' Ozarks Region May 19, 2017

Mountain Home, Baxter
3 Tips for Maintaining a Home With Acreage in Arkansas' Ozarks Region, Mountain Home, Arkansas

The view and privacy offered by homes with acreage are incredibly appealing, but owning a large property requires maintenance. The real estate agents at Gilbert Realty in Mountain Home, AR, have extensive experience with lakefront properties and mountain homes on large lots, so they understand the challenges of upkeep. They offer advice to help you stay on top of yard care tasks.

3 Tips for Maintaining a Home With Acreage

Tree Cleanup

Home with acreage in Mountain Home ARThe landscape in the Ozarks is known for steep, tree-covered hills. If you own a home with acreage in the area, you should conduct regular tree cleanup. With the number of severe storms that occur in northern Arkansas, broken and fallen limbs and even uprooted trees are common problems. You should remove them as soon as possible after a storm to keep insects and snakes from making the decaying wood their home.

Repair Structures & Fencing

To maintain the value of your property, it's important to keep all buildings, fencing, and other structures on the land in excellent condition. Even if you don't own horses or livestock, you should inspect your fencing regularly for broken boards or wiring and loose posts. Barns, sheds, and garages are selling points for rural properties, so maintain these buildings by checking them for damage and repairing them every few months. If you own a lakefront property, you also must maintain your path to the water and boat or swimming dock.

Routine Inspections

While much of your maintenance is seasonal, it's a good idea to take regular walks or drives over your land to identify new problems that might have been missed during tree cleanup. The sooner you spot issues like diseased trees, signs of trespassers, or damage from animals, the quicker you can rectify them and avoid a longer list of expensive and time-consuming projects.

If you’re looking for a home with acreage, Gilbert Realty will help you find the property of your dreams. This Mountain Home-based real estate agency offers useful resources for current and future residents of the Ozarks on their website. View their listings of homes with acreage online and call (870) 425-6282 to schedule an appointment with a real estate agent.

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