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Why Your Sump Pump Needs Spring Cleaning  May 24, 2017

Kalispell, Flathead
Why Your Sump Pump Needs Spring Cleaning , Kalispell, Montana

Spring is a time for homeowners to start those outdoor projects they've been eyeing all winter. You might also want to consider an equally important but less frequently considered job: checking your sump pump

Flo-Rite Plumbing Inc, a full-service plumbing company located in Kalispell, MT, and serving Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Lakeside, and other surrounding areas, understands the value of sump pump maintenance. Below, their skilled plumbing team offers a few pointers on making sure yours is in top form for spring: 

  • sump pumpSpring Melt: Your sump pump, usually found in your basement, is responsible for removing water from the sump basin. Spring showers and melted snow will result in water accumulating in the basement of your home, making this pump critically important during this time of year. 
  • DIY Cleaning: Homeowners can do a few things themselves to ensure their sump pump is working properly. These include cleaning the inlet screen and testing pump performance by dumping a bucket of water into the sump pit. Smaller maintenance jobs like these should be done every couple of months. 
  • Professional Inspection: Homeowners should give their sump pump a complete cleaning and inspection job once a year. Spring is the perfect time for these bigger jobs, which may include removing the pump from the basin, cleaning it, removing debris and greasing pump bearings. Consult a plumbing contractor for this type of work.

If you want a clean, dry house free from rot and mold, then you want this appliance operating at peak performance. In addition to sump pump maintenance, Flo-Rite Plumbing offers a wide array of other plumbing services, including pipe and waterline repair, water main replacement and emergency toilet plumbing. Visit their website for a list of residential and commercial services and call (406) 257-6897. 


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