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Your Answers to FAQs on the Role of Accounting Companies May 10, 2017

La Crosse, La Crosse County
Your Answers to FAQs on the Role of Accounting Companies, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Using the services of an accounting company is highly beneficial for your small business. Managing your business’ unique financial needs is no small task, and they have an unyielding commitment to creating effective and customized solutions. If you aren’t sure what a CPA can do for you, RKB Accounting & Tax Service in La Crosse, WI, answers some frequently asked questions they receive about their services.

FAQs on Accounting Companies

What Does an Accounting Firm Do?

At the very least, an accounting company should have extensive knowledge of advisory, tax, and audit services. Within these three categories, the range of services can vary. Ongoing tasks, such as annual federal and state tax return filings, monthly payroll processing, and financial reports, are just a few of the responsibilities an accounting firm will oversee.

How Are Services Paid For?

accounting companySome accounting companies charge one price for a package of services while others charge per service. Depending on the contractual arrangement, small businesses are typically invoiced on a monthly or quarterly basis. A reputable firm will gladly provide a breakdown of costs, including fees for additional services not listed in the standard price listings.

Do Accountants Work on Site?

It depends on the accounting company and the service being provided. Most business owners want face time with their accountant several times a month. Others may prefer a few times a quarter. In either scenario, a mutually beneficial arrangement is made to accommodate the client’s time, meaning the accountant will typically meet at your preferred location.

What’s My Role?

To ensure your accounting company can exercise due diligence and compliance, it’s helpful when the business owner provides documentation in a timely manner. This includes invoices, tax-related data, income and bank statements, and other expense records. Communication is also important, particularly when it comes to sharing any changes that may affect your firm’s financials.

Partnering with an accounting company is a time and money saver for many small and mid-sized businesses. With more than 20 years of experience as a public accountant and business advisor, Reginald “Kim” Boldon, CPA and owner of RKB Accounting & Tax Service, has a sincere passion for helping clients set and meet their financial and wealth goals. To learn more on how the local firm can assist you, call (608) 782-6433 to schedule a consultation. Check out their website for more information on accounting services.