Kaimuki, Hawaii

Hawaii's Toilet Repair Experts Explain How Your Commode Works May 9, 2017

Kaimuki, Honolulu
Hawaii's Toilet Repair Experts Explain How Your Commode Works, Honolulu, Hawaii

Toilets are one of the marvels of modern plumbing. To keep yours in good working order, the toilet repair professionals at Fast Rooter Plumbing in Honolulu, HI, have created a short guide to its basic operations based on their more than 20 years of experience. By understanding how your toilet works, you’ll be better able to take care of it.

When you flush your toilet, water from the tank is emptied into the bowl, which diverts waste into a siphon in the sewage pipe. The handle is connected to the flush valve, which opens when you press the lever. As water exits the tank, the filler float slides down a tube until the tank is filled back up again, which triggers the filler valve to shut the water off. Meanwhile, the toilet bowl fills up with water again.

toilet repairsNow that you understand how your toilet works, it may be easy to see why toilet repairs are often needed. There are several components inside the bowl and tank, and if one part is malfunctioning or broken, it can negatively affect the entire flushing system. Additionally, if the sewage pipe becomes clogged, the flushing operation will be disrupted, leading to a possible overflow. Even the smallest toilet problem can cause dangerous outcomes, like exposing your family to raw sewage and possibly even damaging your property.

If you do require toilet repairs, don’t hesitate to call the top plumbers in Honolulu. The team at Fast Rooter Plumbing can fix a wide variety of issues using the most up-to-date tools and technology. Call them today at (808) 734-4938, or visit them online for a complete list of their services.

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