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4 Signs You Need Mobile Phone Repair Instead of Replacement May 10, 2017

Washington, Montgomery
4 Signs You Need Mobile Phone Repair Instead of Replacement, Washington, Ohio

You rely on your cellphone for everything from staying in touch with loved ones to keeping track of your busy schedule. However, if you’ve noticed that your phone is not working quite as well as it should, you’re likely debating whether you should replace your device or bring it to a cellphone repair expert.

Knowing when it’s time to repair or replace your phone is tricky, but FixAPhone in Centerville and Miamisburg, OH, wants to help. Here are a few ways to tell when it’s time to repair your phone rather than replace it entirely:

  • It’s Not Time for an Upgrade: Most mobile phone carriers offer discounts on new phones every few years, but, if you’re not due for an upgrade, you’ll probably have to pay full price for a new phone. Rather than paying hundreds for a new device, save some money by repairing any issues and wait until your carrier lets you know you’re eligible for an upgrade.
  • Mobile phone repairThe Screen Is Cracked: With touchscreens, having an intact screen is vital. However, even if the screen is shattered, you may not need to replace the phone entirely. Instead, bring it to a mobile phone repair service and let them replace the screen with new glass. 
  • You Ran Out of Storage: If your phone is full, it may be tempting to buy a new device with more storage, but it’s probably not necessary. Most phones have outdated apps and files that can be removed by a mobile phone repair technician to free up storage space and give you room for the apps you currently use.
  • The Battery Won’t Hold a Charge: As your phone ages, the battery’s capacity will fade. While most cellphones do not have batteries you can replace yourself, you don’t need to rush to the store to buy a new phone. Instead, schedule a replacement at FixAPhone.

You will need to replace your phone eventually, but many common issues can be solved with a simple repair. If your phone isn’t working as well as it used to, contact the mobile phone repair team at FixAPhone. Learn more about their repair service online, and call (937) 771-6697 for a quote.

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