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A Helpful Checklist When Working With a Funeral Home May 16, 2017

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A Helpful Checklist When Working With a Funeral Home, Westport, Connecticut

Losing a loved one is a challenging experience for anyone to endure. While dealing with your grief, you may be tasked with funeral planning. Having the right funeral home on your side to help you through this process with compassion is crucial. That’s why locals in the greater Westport, CT, area, choose Harding Funeral Home. With a reputation for thoughtful and efficient customer service, they guide clients through every step of funeral service planning. Many new clients come to them looking for direction on what they need to acquire and prepare when working with a funeral home. 

Funeral Planning Checklist

1. Gather Information

Funeral HomeThe first step of the funeral planning process will be acquiring all necessary documents and information. Start by researching your loved one’s will, insurance, and any funeral pre-planning they may have conducted. Contact other loved ones and determine pall bearers and who should be informed of the passing. 

2. Decide on Keepsakes and Secure Paperwork

Next, decide on clothing and keepsakes with which you think your loved one would want to be buried or cremated. Pull together photographs and other mementos you’d like to display on a memorial website or during the funeral services. This is a good time to ensure you have a copy of the death certificate as well. 

3. Choose Funeral Services

With the help of your funeral home, decide on which services make sense to celebrate your loved one’s life. Do you want to do a viewing or visitation in addition to a burial and memorial service? Are you interested in a burial plot or cremation services? Talk to the funeral director to secure the right options for you and your family. 

4. Confirm Logistics

Once you’ve decided on a location and the type of services that should be held, start to nail down logistics such as the date and time of all events. Decide on who will deliver the eulogy and whether you’d like to include any special ceremonies.

5. Select Funeral Pieces

If your loved one did not leave behind specific funeral wishes, connect with members of your family to decide on the right funeral casket, cremation urn, memorial, funeral flowers, or burial plot. 

If you’re based in the greater Westport, CT, area, and you’re looking for compassionate assistance with funeral planning, call Harding Funeral Home today at (203) 227-3458 to speak with a helpful member of their team. For more information on the funeral services offered by this trusted funeral home, check out their website

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