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A Rat Control Service Offers 7 Essential Tips May 12, 2017

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A Rat Control Service Offers 7 Essential Tips, Dothan, Alabama

Unfortunately, no matter how clean your home is, there’s always a chance rats might come inside. These rodents can get into small spaces and quickly multiply within your property, resulting in the need to call for a rat control service. Skip the headache of dealing with these unwanted furry guests by adhering to these seven essential tips.

Avoid Calling for a Rat Control Service: 7 Easy Tips

1. Put Food Away

Make sure there is no food left out in your home. Leftovers and food left on the counter are like an open invitation for rodents to come inside. Keep your kitchen clean, and properly dispose of any spilled or unused food. All stored items should be placed in sealed containers.

2. Monitor the Trash Cans

rat control serviceCheck that your trash cans are secure so rats can’t get inside to eat thrown-away food items. It’s best to invest in either metal or plastic trash receptacles that have tight-sealing lids.

3. Get Metal Screens

If you have plastic window screens you frequently leave open, switch them out for metal ones. Metal screens are more difficult for rats to chew through and will limit them from getting inside your house via your windows.

4. Manage the Garden

Rats can take up residence in your garden in covered bushes, shrubs, or heaps of compost. Clear away any plant matter and clutter in your yard to discourage rodents from making their nests there.

5. Examine the Pipes

If they’re not correctly sealed, your pipes can be used as a pest’s gateway into your home. Rat control service professionals strongly recommend ensuring yours are sealed off properly.

6. Consider Roof Access

Tree branches and power lines can be used by rodents as pathways to your home. The creatures scurry across these items onto your roof and then search for cracks in the ceiling. Regularly trim the trees near your house, and check often for areas on your roof that need patching.

7. Know When to Call a Pro

Above all else, know when you have an infestation on your hands and need to call a professional. Having rats or mice in your home isn’t a sign of dirtiness, but a matter of a clever rodent finding a way inside.


When a rat infestation plagues your home, you need help, fast. The friendly team at Pest-Ex in Dothan, AL, offers experienced, efficient rat control services. Ready to enlist their help? For more information, visit their website, or call (334) 794-5903 to speak with a representative.

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