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Texarkana Pest Control Specialists Explain How to Prevent Common Spring Insects May 18, 2017

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Texarkana Pest Control Specialists Explain How to Prevent Common Spring Insects, Texarkana, Arkansas

The onset of spring brings about beautiful blooming flowers and warm, sunny days, but it also serves as an open invitation for insects. Even in Texarkana, AR, where winter isn't particularly harsh, most insects aren't active during the cooler months, but they can quickly take over your home at the first sight of spring. The pest control specialists at Little's Critter & Industrial Services want to help you avoid such infestations, so they've created this guide to make you aware of the most common pests in the area and how to spot them.

Pest Control: 3 Most Common Spring Insect Problems & How to Avoid Them


Ants are one of the most common insects to plague homes. While some will attempt to live inside your house, others will make their way outside and only venture in on their quest for food. Signs of an infestation include one or more ants around baseboards, walls, or countertops. You can prevent them by keeping all food in airtight containers and keeping an eye on pet food, only putting out bowls when it's mealtime.


Pest ControlSpiders like to live in dark areas safe from the elements, but you'll often see them in your home when they're looking for dinner. They are more likely to occur if you have an infestation of another insect like ants, so taking care of other pest issues may help eliminate a spider problem. If your infestation is a venomous species, then call your pest control specialist as soon as possible.


Bees are one of the hardest pests to prevent because they choose to build their colony where they want. While they are attracted to certain plants more than others, they also travel miles on their pollination journeys, so eliminating your garden won't keep them away. The best thing to do is to call a bee removal specialist once you identify a problem so that they can relocate the bees before there's a huge population. 

For the best pest control in Texarkana, contact Little's Critter & Industrial Services. The company also provides wildlife removal for critters such as opossums and skunks. Learn more about their pest control services on their website, and call (903) 277-2697 to schedule an appointment.

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