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5 Types of Garage Door Springs to Consider May 12, 2017

Olde West Chester, Butler
5 Types of Garage Door Springs to Consider, Olde West Chester, Ohio

If you were to ask five garage door repair experts which door component is the most essential, most would answer the springs. After all, springs provide the counterbalance we need to safely lift and close otherwise heavy garage doors. They fall into two categories: extension and torsion. Both types require meticulous, professional installation and repair to avoid severe injury and vehicle damage. 

Here, read on to understand the differences between extension and torsion spring types:

  • garage door repairExtension: Extension springs are found on either both sides of the garage door or upper tracks. They use a pulley system where the springs extend as the door opens. Safety cables are essential to prevent the door from becoming a projectile hazard during a system failure.
  • Standard Torsion: Located above your garage door opening, standard torsion springs react to applied force, such as opening the garage door, by twisting or wrapping around the door or torsion shaft.
  • EZ-Set Torsion: Similar to standard torsion springs, EZ-set options are mounted to both ends of the shaft rather than its center. 
  • Steel Rolling Torsion: Steel rolling torsion garage door springs are frequently used in commercial buildings featuring steel rolling doors. Spring size and weight depend on the door, with springs usually featured inside the door-supporting torsion barrel.
  • Torquemaster Torsion: Considered the safest torsion garage spring option, they are located inside the torsion shaft. These springs require a power drill to wind.

Torsion springs are generally more stable, safer and longer-lasting than extension springs. However, torsion springs are also more expensive and require more clearance room for installation.


Speak with the friendly team at Advanced Door Systems to determine the best spring for your garage door installation or repair. This West Chester, OH, business specializes in garage door repair in addition to numerous other services, including door replacements and opener repairs. Call (513) 777-3674 today to schedule service or visit their website to learn more about garage door repair and maintenance. Like them on Facebook for more great tips and information.

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