Seven Hills, Colorado

Attention Cooperative Board Game Fans: "Alien Uprising" Expansion Pack Is Now Available May 23, 2017

Seven Hills, South Aurora
Attention Cooperative Board Game Fans: "Alien Uprising" Expansion Pack Is Now Available, South Aurora, Colorado

Are you ready to bolster your indie board game collection? Colorado-based Mr. B Games is set to release “Alien Uprising: Zothren Expansion,” an exciting new cooperative board game that builds on one of their most popular titles.

First published in 2014, “Alien Uprising” is a multiplayer fantasy board game that centers on Captain Jake Comet and his crew of intrepid space explorers. When their ship, The Pioneer, is stranded on a hostile alien planet, Captain Comet and his companions find themselves in a dire situation. Alien Uprising is an exciting challenge for up to five players who are tasked with keeping this brave crew alive in the face of overwhelming odds. To win this cooperative board game, you and your fellow players must fend off attacks from the aggressive Zothrens inhabiting the planet in time to be rescued or to repair The Pioneer and escape.

cooperative board game Aurora COWith the release of the accompanying “Zothren Expansion Pack,” Mr. B Games takes “Alien Uprising” to the next level. Included with the “Zothren Expansion Pack” are 23 finely crafted miniatures and five new reference cards. Also included are damage tokens, hives, specials tokens, and “The Bug Hunt,” an exciting new scenario. If you think you’ve mastered the game, “The Bug Hunt” scenario will put your skills to the test! For those who contributed to the game’s Kickstarter campaign, the expansion pack also includes 18 Zothren Slasher Miniatures to replace the standard tokens used in the core game.

Developed by dedicated gamers, who share a passion for fast paced and exciting gameplay, “Alien Uprising: Zothren Expansion Pack” is bound to be your favorite new cooperative board games.

To learn more about the release of “Alien Uprising: Zothren Expansion Pack” and other upcoming cooperative board games, visit Mr. B Games online, or subscribe to their mailing list

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