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Top 5 Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Vinyl Flooring May 30, 2017

Greenville, Greenville County
Top 5 Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Vinyl Flooring, Greenville, South Carolina

You’ve just installed brand new vinyl flooring and want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible, which is an understandable wish for any new investment. To help give you a head start, Surplus Warehouse in Dothan, AL, offers advice for cleaning and caring for your new vinyl flooring. 

Top 5 Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Vinyl Flooring

1. Use Doormats & Rugs

Preemptive care is the best defense against anything. To protect your flooring from outside dirt and rocks, use doormats at all entrances, and put down a few rugs in your hallways. You may also consider creating a “shoes off” policy, so no one has a chance to track anything in.

2. Sweep & Dust Every Day

If you want your floor to last, make it a point to sweep it once a night, especially if you have a large household or pets. This will cut down on your need to use heavier cleaners.

3. Avoid Wet Mopping

flooringWhile vinyl flooring is mostly water resistant, water can still seep into cracks and seams if you aren’t careful. To prevent water from loosening glue bonds and causing tile damage, always mop up spills quickly, and whenever you mop in general, ring out the mop head as well as you can.

4. Use Furniture Pads

Furniture pads will protect your flooring from getting scraped up every time you a move a chair or table, but even furniture you don’t plan on moving should have protective padding, or else they could dent your vinyl floor.

5. Periodically Re-Seal Your Flooring

When your flooring starts to fade, reseal it, and ensure you only re-seal your vinyl floor with the correct products. For example, no-wax vinyl should not be sealed with wax but with a specialized polish or sealant. If wax is the correct product, only use the minimal amount.

With proper care, your vinyl flooring will last many years. To see what Surplus Warehouse has in stock at their Dothan, AL, showroom, visit the website, or call (334) 673-5625 for any questions about their tools and building supplies.

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