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Travel Worry-Free! Top 3 Ways to Find a Dog Sitter This Summer May 17, 2017

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Travel Worry-Free! Top 3 Ways to Find a Dog Sitter This Summer, Sunrise, Florida

When travel season is underway, there are so many things to plan before you head out, but a vacation can easily be ruined if you’re worried about the well-being and safety of your pet back home. For pet owners, getting a dog sitter will give you the peace of mind you need, so you can enjoy your summer travels. To learn more, continue reading as we explore the three best ways to find a dog sitter, so you can be prepared before your next big trip.

Find a Dog Sitter Using These 3 Easy Tips

1. Your Local Dog Park

It might sound simple, but word of mouth is still a solid way to find a reliable dog sitter in your area. The next time you’re at your local dog park, strike up a conversation with other pet owners. If someone is willing to provide a recommendation, it eliminates the need for further references and vetting since most pet owners only trust their furry loved ones with sitters who are truly qualified.

dog sitter2. Social Media

Many dog day care and pet boarding facilities market their services on social media. Once you’ve clicked over to your social media platform of choice, check out relevant hashtags, like #FloridaPetSitter or #SouthFloridaDogSitter. From there, you can sort through any companies who catch your attention, and you can usually reach out directly through the app.

3. Internet Search

While it might seem like an obvious choice, using the internet to find a dog sitter or dog day care in your area also has an added benefit: reviews. On websites, like Yelp and Google’s business listings, you have access to endless reviews of various dog boarding and dog sitting companies. This gives you an easy way to compare and contrast, so you can find out which service is best for you and which services are best avoided.


Are you looking for a dog sitter before your next summer trip? The staff at South Florida Pet Sitter in Lauderhill, FL, knows how important your furry friend is, and they’ll treat your pet as if it were their own. Visit the website for more information about the services available, and call them to speak with someone directly at (954) 629-5365. 
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