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Concrete Services: 3 Types of Concrete Cutting May 19, 2017

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Concrete Services: 3 Types of Concrete Cutting, Happy Valley, New Mexico

Concrete is the most popular material used in construction because it is easily fabricated into a variety of shapes and structures, often through a technique called concrete cutting. Concrete cutting is performed by skilled operators who saw into, drill, and remove concrete, and there are different types of concrete cutting available.

Among the many concrete services offered by the company, MHAT Concrete in Carlsbad, NM, specializes in concrete cutting. Their team uses special tools and knowledge to perform the task with the precision needed for a quality job. There are three commonly used methods of cutting concrete — wall sawing, core drilling, and flat sawing.

3 Types of Concrete Cutting

Wall Sawing

concrete servicesAs the name implies, wall sawing is the technique used to create an opening in a concrete wall or ceiling. Concrete cutters use a specially mounted concrete saw to create doorways and other openings and to remove walls up to 36-inches thick.

Core Drilling

Using a specially designed steel blade with diamond tips, concrete cutters perform core drilling to produce a round surface in an existing structure. It is commonly used to create openings for wiring, HVAC systems, and plumbing in concrete structures.

Flat Sawing

A more complicated and less common method of concrete cutting is flat sawing, which relies on blades mounted on a contractor-operated cart. The blades cut along the flat surface from an opposite angle as the cart is moved along it, leveling the area and creating an opening. It is often used on highways and roads for repair work and other concrete services.

No matter which type of concrete cutting service your project requires, it needs skilled contractors experienced in the work. With nearly a decade of experience in concrete services, MHAT Concrete is available for cutting concrete for any sized project. Call (575) 706-7941 or visit them online to learn more information. You can also find the company on Facebook.

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