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3 Research-Backed Benefits of RBI Flexcore® Boiler Systems May 11, 2017

Boston, Boston, MA
3 Research-Backed Benefits of RBI Flexcore® Boiler Systems, Boston, Massachusetts

Producing clean and comfortable temperatures, boilers are a popular heating option for many businesses. But if your company has been using the same boiler system for more than 15 years, it may be time to start thinking about safer, more efficient options. When it’s time to shop around, New England Combustion Products recommends using an RBI Flexcore® boiler, an advanced piece of equipment that has proven to enhance commercial heating operations.

To demonstrate these benefits, this New England boiler sales team points to a recent case study from RBI that revealed just how beneficial their system is. Specifically, the study showed the Flexcore Boiler system cut a building’s energy costs by 30% due to the product’s:

  • boiler systemsMaximum Durability: Compared to other boilers, the Flexcore system has an unrivaled service life. By using a symmetrical firetube heat exchanger, it balances cool water returns against fuel heat to prevent the risk of thermal shock. Since the materials are exposed to less contraction and expansion due to temperature changes, they last longer.
  • Low Operating Temperature: The RBI Flexcore Boiler is an energy-efficient model that produces even heat through a considerably low operating temperature. For example, in the study, the user went from an operating temperature of 180 °F to 85 °F when they switched to the RBI boiler system.
  • Easy Installation: Boiler installation can be a time-consuming process, especially when the system is older and serves an expansive facility. Fortunately, the client in this report enjoyed an easy, fast installation thanks to the Flexcore’s sleek and intuitive design.

Consistently impressed with the RBI Flexcore products, New England Combustion Products is proud to provide this brand of boiler systems to their commercial clients. If you need boiler installation in New England, contact this trusted team at (781) 337-8888 to see how easy and inexpensive upgrading to a high-efficiency model is. To learn more, visit them online.

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