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How Reflexology Achieves Stress Relief May 9, 2017

Sea Girt, Sea Girt
How Reflexology Achieves Stress Relief, Sea Girt, New Jersey

Stress wreaks havoc on your emotional and mental well-being, but it also has the potential to impact your physical health. Thus, finding healthy stress relief strategies is an important part of achieving overall wellness. One powerful way to combat stress is reflexology. Here, the experts from Reflexology by the Sea in Sea Girt, NJ, explain more.

Reflexology is a unique form of therapy in which practitioners apply pressure to specific points in the hands and feet. In doing so, they improve circulation and stimulate the nerve’s passageways. Because stress impacts the circulatory system, specifically the heart, this holistic approach to strengthening circulation can help the body combat stressors.

stress reliefAdditionally, stress can impact certain organs more so than others. The kidneys, brain, heart, and adrenal glands – all of which are essential to life – are specifically affected by stress. Reflexologists utilize special techniques to single out these key areas of the body and promote their health. One study demonstrates reflexologists’ ability to achieve stress relief: When administered in a hospital to patients suffering from neurasthenia (extreme stress), reflexology cured 40% of patients and significantly improved the condition in 35% of others.

Most importantly, reflexology supports the body’s ability to defeat stress holistically. There are certain medications and other approaches available to achieve stress relief, but some of these approaches carry concerning side effects, especially with prolonged use. One particularly eye-opening study reports stress is the reason behind 75% of all visits to the doctor. Stress does indeed lead to a number of medical complications, but the best way to offset its consequences is to treat the cause of stress—not just its symptoms.

Find lasting stress relief to better your mind, body, and spirit through Reflexology by the Sea. Call (732) 266-7734 to schedule a visit. You can also check out their website or like them on Facebook to learn more about the powers of reflexology.  

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