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5 Warning Signs You Should Seek Depression Counseling May 24, 2017

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
5 Warning Signs You Should Seek Depression Counseling, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Depression is a common condition that describes feelings of severe hopelessness and dejection. Although the term is widely used to label everything from feelings after a bad day to sadness, it’s a serious medical disorder that affects one in six people at some point in their lifetime.

The good news is that clinical depression can be treated with depression counseling and therapy. Not sure if you need help? There are warning signs you’re suffering from more than simply the blues.

5 Symptoms of Depression

1. Feelings of Worthlessness

depression counselingIf you blame yourself for things you have no control over and question, “What’s the point of living?” it’s a red flag you might be suffering from a major depressive disorder. Often, a feeling of being worthless is accompanied by feelings of self-hate, and you should seek treatment immediately.

2. Loss of Interest in Hobbies

A gradual or sudden withdrawal from activities that once pleased you can indicate depression is affecting your mood. If you no longer look forward to such hobbies as sports, socializing with your friends, or participating in your favorite activities, you should contact a counselor to discuss depression therapy.

3. Erratic Sleep Habits

Depression often makes people feel lethargic and tired, but when it comes time to sleep, they can’t sleep at all. Alternately, depression also makes people sleep too much. Depression counseling can help patients overcome insomnia or lethargy to live active, productive lives again.

4. Violent Mood Swings

This is one of the most common symptoms of depression. You can change from being overwhelmingly angry one minute to excessively sad the next, and the cause is uncertain. Depression disrupts calmness and makes people react inappropriately to common situations, causing their moods to fluctuate wildly.

5. Preoccupation With Death

The scariest result of depression is that it is a leading cause of suicide. People with depression often become preoccupied with thoughts of death tied to their feelings of worthlessness. There are warning signs someone is contemplating ways to end their life. For example, they’ll discuss giving away their possessions or pets in earnest.


If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you’re not alone. Central Wisconsin Counseling Associates offers strictly confidential discussions with their counselors in a safe and friendly environment. They specialize in helping people in the communities of Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids, WI, with depression counseling. To learn more about their methods of depression counseling and therapy, call (715) 424-6960, or visit them online to make an appointment.

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