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The Tool Supply Professionals Reveal 2017’s Top Hand Tool Trends May 15, 2017

Old Saybrook, Middlesex
The Tool Supply Professionals Reveal 2017’s Top Hand Tool Trends, Old Saybrook, Connecticut

When the bathroom faucet leaks, a tree in the yard needs trimming, or a picture needs hanging, you automatically turn to your tools. You probably have your old reliable favorites—but don’t get stuck in the past. It turns out many manufacturers have made improvements to hand tools in 2017 to save you time, help you stay safe, and keep your hand more comfortable as you work.

Saybrook Hardware Co., your one-stop tool supply source on the shoreline in Connecticut, has compiled a guide to the latest trends in hand tools. If you could use a new hand tool or simply want to upgrade, keep reading to get the scoop on which improvements to look for as you browse at the hardware store:

  • Improved Ergonomics: Some of the latest screwdrivers, pliers, hacksaws, and other hand tools are designed to promote comfort. Many supply centers offer tools that are lightweight for easy carrying, have a rubber coating for better grip, and are shaped specially to decrease wrist strain.
  • toolsTime Savers: Many of the latest tools are designed to have multiple functions. This means you stop making multiple trips to the garage or shed to grab a different tool. New technology has also enabled sharper blades on saws and knives, which shortens the cutting task.
  • Enhanced Safety: You can find a variety of new safety-conscious picks at your local tool supply center. Consider a self-retracting utility knife that closes as soon as it stops touching material or non-conductive fiberglass tape that improves safety around electrical equipment.

The right tools are vital to your building, home repair, and lawn and garden projects. To find a variety of comfortable and safe hand tools, turn to tool supply experts Saybrook Hardware Co. Call them today with questions at (860) 388-3706 or visit their website to see their full selection of hand tool and other equipment.  

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