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How Can a Real Estate Agent Help With My Listing Photos? May 18, 2017

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How Can a Real Estate Agent Help With My Listing Photos?, Midway, Kentucky

Are you ready to sell your home? Working with a local, experienced real estate agent can help you understand the marketplace, stage your residence, and list online. In today’s digital world, one of the most important things you can do to increase the resale value of your home and attract interested buyers is add attractive photos to your online home listing.

To learn more about how to partner with your realtor to take the best listing photos for your home sale, read the guide below. 

Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Listing Photos 

real estate agentIn most cases, a buyer’s first impression of your home is online. A listing photo shoot with your realtor will help you take the right pictures in the most attractive lighting. Armed with years of experience in the industry and community, they are aware of what buyers want to see, what turns them away, and how to play up the unique intricacies of your property. 

During the listing photo process, your real estate agent will also consult with you on how to stage the interior of your home and what furniture and decor to add and omit. It is important to take this process seriously. If you fail to add interior and exterior photos to your online listing, it may appear illegitimate, discontinued, or incomplete.

First, take the time to sit down with your agent to create a cleaning and organization plan to prepare for your photo shoot. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company, remove shabby and outdated furniture, and put away clutter such as toys and family photos. 

Once the home is spotless, prepare your list of shots for the shoot. Your realtor will recommend photos from the curb, at the doorway, and in each room. Capture day and night photos to show off the house’s dynamic beauty and take pictures of each of the home’s selling points, such as the pool, whirlpool tub, or newly remodeled bathrooms. 

Do you have a beautiful view of the sunset from your living room window or a particularly inviting patio area? Capture it. Finally, no number of photos is too many. Take a variety of differently angled shots on the day of the shoot and sit down with your realtor to choose the best ones. 

Make your home attractive to buyers with impeccable photos. To discuss your home sale and listing photos with your local real estate agent, call Your Move Properties with KW Greater Lexington in Frankfort, KY, at (502) 382-0677. You can also browse the latest listings by visiting her website

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