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3 Must-Know Teeth Whitening Facts May 5, 2017

Collierville, Shelby
3 Must-Know Teeth Whitening Facts, Collierville, Tennessee

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure beloved among dental patients for its powerful smile-brightening abilities. As a leading dentist’s office with locations at Schilling Farms in Collierville, TN, and Nettleton, MS, Thames Family Dentistry offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic services, including whitening.

Here, their caring staff takes the time to share a few facts you should know about teeth whitening.

3 Important Facts About Teeth Whitening

1. Professional Means Powerful

There are both store-bought and professional whitening treatments available for individuals who wish to whiten their teeth. Store-bought options will whiten your teeth a few shades, but the most powerful results are achieved through treatments administered by dental professionals. Dentist’s offices can use ingredients with higher concentrations of active ingredients which are still safe but much more effective. Thus, a professional treatment allows you to achieve a smile many shades brighter than your starting point.

teeth whitening

2. You Can Choose In-Office or At-Home

Professional whitening treatments can be performed right in the dentist’s office. Thames Family Dentistry offers Zoom! Whitening, which brightens teeth by as many as eight shades in just 45 minutes. If you prefer to whiten at home, the dentist can provide you with custom whitening trays which you can use at your convenience.

3. A Custom Fit Provides Comfort

Whereas store-bought whitening kits are one-size-fits-all, professional at-home trays are designed to fit your mouth. A custom fit yields better results by enhancing the way the trays adhere to your tooth’s surface. The trays will also fit more securely and have a lesser chance of sliding around in your mouth, so you can brighten your teeth without hassle or discomfort.

Whether you have a big event approaching or you simply want to transform your appearance with a brighter smile, Thames Family Dentistry offers the most powerful teeth whitening treatments available. Call (907) 850-7338 for the Collierville office at Schilling Farms, or make an appointment at the Nettleton clinic by calling (662) 963-7338. You can also learn more about their dentistry services on their website or by liking their Facebook page.

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