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What You Should Know Before Applying for Social Security Disability May 5, 2017

Puyallup, Pierce
What You Should Know Before Applying for Social Security Disability, Puyallup, Washington

When you’re applying for Social Security Disability, there are certain criteria you must meet for eligibility. Rose Law Offices, with locations in Hawaii and Washington, want to help you get started with the right information.

Work Credits

To receive disability benefits, you would’ve had to work at jobs covered by Social Security. At every job or with self-employment income, you earn work credits. You need up to 40 work credits to qualify, and you can receive up to four per year, depending on how much money you make.

The amount of money earned toward work credit eligibility changes every year. Review this chart from the Social Security Administration to find out the financial requirements every year.

This information can be confusing since it changes every year and requires a very analytical approach to understanding how many credits you’ve earned. A social security lawyer is familiar with analyzing this data and can give you accurate information.

Work Limitations

Social-Security-DisabilityIf you’ve worked within the last 12 months and received more than the monthly federal limit, you will not qualify. If you can still perform the tasks you’ve done within the last 12 months with limited limitations, you may not qualify. If you can complete work in a different occupation using the same skills, you also may not receive disability benefits. These requirements (especially the last one) are a bit tricky. An attorney who specializes in social security benefits will determine if your situation hinders your ability to continue working. 

Type & Severity of Disability

The Social Security Administration clearly outlines some disabilities. However, many people have undefined problems, leaving some gray area to be examined. Also, just because you have an acceptable disability doesn’t mean you immediately qualify. Your condition has to prevent you from doing your job for at least one year.

You’ll need someone who’s knowledgeable in unique health problems, as well as someone who’s able to determine if your disability is severe enough to interfere with your ability to work.

Special Considerations

There are some unique cases requiring special stipulations. Examples of these are wounded warriors and vets, disabled children, and people with low vision or blindness. A social security lawyer will work with you through these circumstances to make sure you get the SSDI benefits you deserve.

You don’t have to work with a social security lawyer to apply for disability benefits, but you run the risk of making numerous mistakes and undergoing tedious court appeals. Instead of spending countless hours examining Social Security Disability requirements while also dealing with challenging health issues, hire a social security lawyer who knows how to handle it.

If you live near Honolulu, Hawaii or Puyallup, Washington, you can trust Rose Law Offices to get you the money you’ve worked hard to earn. They’ve worked with many of your neighbors and secured social security benefits for them. Visit the website to find out more information about how they can help.

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