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Ditch the Eyebrow Pencil: 5 Things to Know About Semi-Permanent Makeup May 12, 2017

Lake Highlands, Northeast Dallas
Ditch the Eyebrow Pencil: 5 Things to Know About Semi-Permanent Makeup , Northeast Dallas, Texas

From plucking to penciling, achieving the perfect brow can seem nearly impossible. Most people find that an impeccable arch requires too much time and too many tools. Why not skip the endless maintenance and give semi-permanent makeup a try?

You’ll get a pair of stunning brows that won’t smudge – no matter how high the mercury climbs this summer. Brow Lady has perfected the method, giving men and women right here in Dallas natural-looking brows that are sure to turn heads.

5 Things to Know Before Getting Semi-Permanent Makeup

1. It’ll Take a Few Hours

Once you get to the studio, make yourself comfortable. The cosmetic tattoo artist will first shape your brows and draw on the shape that flatters your features best; this step takes the longest. Once the ideal shape has been drawn on, the tattooing begins. Most people return for another visit about a month after their initial appointment, depending on their skin type. Oily skin is less receptive to the ink and often requires a quick retouching.

2. Brows Won’t Last Forever

Despite the name, permanent makeup doesn’t actually last forever. Tiny strokes are made with the needle to mimic real hair, penetrating 1 millimeter into the skin. Thanks to this technique, the final result looks remarkably natural – but it’s not permanent. The ink will fade gradually, with most people opting for touchups every year or two to keep eyebrows looking picture perfect.

3. Prepare for Some Pain

Semi-permanent MakeupWhile facial tattoos don’t penetrate as deep as body tattoos, you’re still going to experience some discomfort, like pressure or a stinging sensation. A numbing cream is often used to make semi-permanent makeup application more bearable.

4. Expect Brows to Lighten After a Week

If your eyebrows appear darker than you expected, just relax! The color will fade within the first few days, typically reaching the ideal shade within a week. It’s important to entrust your brows to a semi-permanent makeup expert who can select the perfect shade.

5. Don’t Skip After Care 

Brows will need to remain dry for a week after the procedure. Be careful while showering and avoid outdoor activities to prevent sweating. Expect some flaking to occur before the week is up.

Brow Lady was named “Best in Dallas” by Allure Magazine, offering a variety of semi-permanent makeup options, such as eyeliner and eyelash enhancement. To learn more about the services available, visit them online. Call (214) 454-5078 to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward your best brows.