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5 Essential Relationship Tips From a Divorce Attorney May 4, 2017

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5 Essential Relationship Tips From a Divorce Attorney, Dothan, Alabama

As professionals who regularly deal with relationships on the rocks, divorce attorneys have unusual insight into what causes marital bonds to end. By combining an outsider’s perspective with a client’s personal details, it’s easy to pinpoint where everything went wrong. Here are five important insights from The Law Office of Peter A. McInish, LLC in Dothan, AL, to help keep your marriage strong.

Relationship Tips From a Divorce Attorney

1. Be Honest About Yourself

When you're dating, be open and honest about your feelings, your opinions, and what matters to you in life. Don't try to compromise with yourself to make a relationship work. If you suppress your needs, you'll end up resenting your partner.

2. Be Honest About Your Partner

Before you marry anyone, make sure you're genuinely in love with them. Do you like their friends? Do you believe they're being honest about their desires, and are they compatible with yours? Do you understand what went wrong in their previous relationships? Don't marry someone you hope to change.

3. Be Attentive

divorce attorneySet aside time to spend together. Whether that's 15 minutes each day to talk, a regular date night, a shared hobby, or all of the above, your relationship will deteriorate if you don’t put in the effort to strengthen it.

4. Be Practical

Talk to each other about all the practical considerations of a marriage: finances, lifestyles, and plans for the future, including how you'd like to build a family. While it may seem unromantic, you should also create a prenuptial agreement; meeting a family law attorney before marriage will reduce the chance of needing a divorce lawyer later.

5. Be Clear

After the wedding, continue to communicate about your thoughts, desires, and needs. While it might seem silly to raise small issues, letting them fester is worse for your relationship. Communicate clearly about what you want and need, especially as you change over time.

With honest communication and hard work, your relationship has the best chance of success. If your marriage is already at its end, divorce attorney Pete McInish can help you navigate the divorce process. Call his office at (334) 671-2555 or contact him online to arrange a consultation.

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