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Understanding the Do’s & Don'ts of Selling Real Estate May 18, 2017

Chesterfield, St. Louis County
Understanding the Do’s & Don'ts of Selling Real Estate, Chesterfield, Missouri

Selling a home is complicated, especially if you are listing in a competitive market or during a slow time of year. For these reasons, working with an experienced real estate firm can make things a lot easier. Here are a few do’s and don’ts Jimbo2 — a team of realtors in Chesterfield, MO —recommends for selling a home successfully.

Do: Invest in Home Staging

real estateStaging your home is about more than maximizing your space and giving it a well-maintained look and feel. Home staging can also help buyers understand how different parts of the home are normally used, as well as highlight each room in its best light. For example, if you have a strangely shaped living room or entryway, home stagers can carefully evaluate the space and add the perfect furniture to make it look incredible. In fact, home staging is so effective that they tend to sell for 17% more than comparable, non-staged properties.

Don’t: Leave Personal Photos & Décor Items Out

Although you might not see anything wrong with leaving your family photos or prized taxidermy out for the world to see, leaving personal items in your home could distract or repel potential buyers. This is often because it makes it more difficult for them to envision themselves in the house. Before you list your home for sale, walk through the space with your real estate agent to identify pieces that need to be removed and stored for the time being.

Do: Focus on Taking Great Pictures

These days, most buyers spend a large amount of time shopping online before they commit to an in-person visit, which is why you should focus on taking great pictures of your property. After you have your home staged, clean it meticulously and hire a professional photographer to take beautiful photos.  

Don’t: Stick Around for the Open House

Sometimes sellers decide to stick around during the open house to answer questions about the property. However, this may make buyers feel uncomfortable because they can’t express their true feelings on the home. Instead, arm your real estate agent with the information they need to explain different components of the house. In the meantime, you can run some errands or go for a walk.

If you don’t know where to start when listing your home, contact Jimbo2. With an innate understanding of the greater Chesterfield area and dedication to their clients, these real estate professionals can help you to market your home effectively and attract great offers. To learn more about the firm or explore their services, visit them online or call (636) 346-1580.

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