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3 Tips to Help You Find the Best Well Drilling Company May 12, 2017

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3 Tips to Help You Find the Best Well Drilling Company, Chiloquin, Oregon

When you don’t have access to a municipal water supply, you need to drill a well on your property. This project is a significant financial investment; to ensure its success, you have to find a reputable well drilling company. Serving Sprague River, OR, Fry Industries has earned a reputation as the region’s premier water well specialist. These pros offer services ranging from well repair to water pump installation. Here, they offer their guidelines to help you find the right drilling company. 

Make Sure They’re Experienced

well drilling Sprague River ORWell drilling requires careful calculations, experience operating heavy-duty machinery, and the ability to adjust a plan based on soil conditions. Missing the aquifer or failing to drill deep enough can lead to poor water flow and a well that doesn’t work. Make sure the team you hire is familiar with a variety of soil types, so you are certain they can create a viable drilling plan and adapt it as needed. 

Ask About Their Water Treatment Plan

The company you choose should offer more than well drilling. They should also help you monitor your water to be sure it’s safe for drinking. Well water is prone to mineral buildup, so it’s important to have a water filtration system in your home. Ask the pros about their preferred treatment systems and any water quality inspection and conditioning services they offer.

Seek References

A company may seem on paper, but it’s important to hear from past customers. Read testimonials to find out whether they were happy with the company’s service and ability to stay within the allotted budget and time frame. If you are able to contact past customers, you may also want to ask how their water well has performed since the installation to make sure they’re still satisfied. 

The next time you need well drilling services, choose a team you can count on. Fry Industries brings over 20 years of industry experience to their work and takes pride creating reliable wells for their customers. You Call (541) 533-2509 or visit their website for more information. 

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