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Can Traction Therapy With Triton DTS® Ease Your Back Pain? May 3, 2017

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Can Traction Therapy With Triton DTS® Ease Your Back Pain?, Archdale, North Carolina

If you’re one of the many people dealing with back pain on a daily basis, you know it detracts from your quality of life and hinders your ability to enjoy regular activities. Treating the pain with oral medication doesn’t address the root cause of the problem and just provides temporary relief. Dr. Robert Stroud of Stroud Chiropractic in Archdale, NC, says for long-term pain relief, it’s important to address the underlying medical issue. For many patients, traction therapy is an effective way to obtain lasting relief from a range of uncomfortable medical conditions.  

What Is Traction Therapy?

Often, the cause of chronic back pain is a problem with the spinal discs, such as bulging or herniated discs. Spinal discs act as gel-like cushions that rest between your vertebrae and make sure the bones of your spine don’t come into contact with each other. If you’re suffering from sustained pain, an experienced chiropractic physician may recommend traction therapy. During traction therapy, your chiropractor will gently stretch the soft tissue and muscles to reduce the pressure on your spinal discs and promote healing. This is a non-surgical treatment that may be performed manually by your doctor or with the aid of a mechanized chiropractic table.

What Makes the Triton DTS® Different?

back painThe Triton DTS is a state-of-the-art therapeutic table designed to alleviate back pain from injuries and chronic medical conditions by stimulating the body’s natural pressure sensors. With its sensitive computerized controls, your chiropractor is able to fine-tune treatments based on your individual needs. Your comfort during treatment is important, and the Triton DTS system allows your doctor to make minute adjustments to the speed and pressure to maximize your comfort level.

Who Should Consider Treatment With the Triton DTS?

This method of treatment is effective for a wide range of spinal conditions, including degenerative disc and joint diseases. In addition to back pain, patients suffering from a host of musculoskeletal conditions, including sports injuries, tendonitis, and sprains, can also find relief with the Triton DTS.

To speak with a qualified physician about whether traction therapy is right for you, contact Stroud Chiropractic. Led by Dr. Robert Stroud, they are committed to serving patients in the High Point, NC, area and are the only practitioners to offer both the Triton DTS and ProAdjuster® systems. Visit them online to learn more about their services, or call (336) 434-2107 to make an appointment.

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