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3 Benefits of Owning a Water Softener May 16, 2017

Key Center, Pierce
3 Benefits of Owning a Water Softener, Key Center, Washington

You may not recognize hard water running through your home. However, you will notice the many problems developing as a result of hard water. Clogged pipes, dry skin, and product buildup are only a few of the issues you might experience at home, but the good news is, a water softener can help. It’s an effective solution, providing a remedy for every hard-water woe you experience.

Here are three benefits of investing in a water softener:

  • Smoother Skin & Hair: It’s a bonus many people don’t even expect. If you suffer from consistently dry skin or hair and feel as though you’ve gone through every moisturizer on the market, the problem could be your home’s water. If soap scum doesn’t rinse off very well from your possessions, it can also affect your skin and hair, leaving them dull and itchy. Soft water has an almost remarkable effect and can reduce skin discomfort and lackluster hair considerably.
  • water-softenerShinier Possessions: You may notice your dishes and silverware are clean but don’t look flawless when you pull them out of the dishwasher. Maybe your car doesn’t quite shine the way you want it to after a hand wash. Perhaps, there are remnants of soap scum on your tiles. Detergents and soaps don’t dissolve nearly as well in hard water, and they can leave behind stains and spots. Whatever the case, everything is shinier when your home has soap-friendly soft water.
  • Protected Pipes: Hard water can clog your home’s pipes with a scaly buildup. It can even do this in appliances using water, like dishwashers and washing machines. When pipes are clogged, your water heater works overtime to produce heat, which can result in higher utility bills. Making the switch to a water softener will protect those pipes from harmful buildup and extend their life.

If it sounds like you and your home could benefit from this water treatment, it may be a good time to consider a water softener. Once you notice the difference, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 


Affordable Water Treatment is the leading provider of high-quality residential and commercial water treatments in Gig Harbor, WA. Ask about their water-softening product, or get in touch to learn more about their water conditioning and filtration systems. You can also click here for more information or call (253) 858-7644.

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