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NJ Circus Center Brings Their Circus Classes to the School Room May 16, 2017

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NJ Circus Center Brings Their Circus Classes to the School Room, Robertsville, New Jersey

For most kids, a circus is an amazing and magical place. After visiting the circus, children are often awe-struck and inspired by the gravity-defying stunts and acrobatics they witness in the ring, and it’s not uncommon to hear children express their wish to perform many of these stunts at home. If you are looking for an exciting yet safe way to allow your students to explore circus training, you should consider bringing circus classes to your public or private school.

The New Jersey Circus Center in Morganville, New Jersey, offers school outreach programs. As part of this program, children are given a one-week intensive course of circus classes, getting a first-hand look at the training and skills involved in becoming a part of this unique community. They will be exposed to circus skills such as juggling, tumbling, and tightrope walking, but the program’s true focus is developing real life skills like teamwork and perseverance. Being able to set and achieve new goals also provides a tremendous lift to the kids’ self-esteem.

circus classesThe program begins on a Monday with a school-wide takeover. Program directors host an assembly where students are treated to a 45-minute circus presentation. Following the presentation, the circus training group will turn their focus to the highest grade in the school, giving them an introductory session. During this meeting, the older students will have an opportunity to try out different skills such as juggling or acrobatics, and choose the act they want to hone. For the rest of the week, program staff will work with the higher grades, developing their individual techniques.

While the older students are given the opportunity to perfect their talents, they won’t be the only ones getting a taste of circus training. New Jersey Circus Center staff will also attend phys-ed classes throughout the week to work on circus fitness training with the younger students. This allows younger students to get early exposure to some of the circus skills they’ll learn once their older.

At the end of the week, the older students get to show off their new talents. A school-wide presentation will be given early in the day for kids to perform in front of their peers. In the evening, students will have the opportunity to repeat their acts for parents and family members.

New Jersey Circus Center has been providing school outreach programs up and down the East Coast for over 17 years. To enroll your school in this program for the 2017-2018 school year, call (732) 705-3244. For more information on their circus classes and assembly programs, visit the New Jersey Circus Center website today!

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