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Best in Teen Travel Camps: The Alaska Sprint and Other Secrets of the State May 3, 2017

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Best in Teen Travel Camps: The Alaska Sprint and Other Secrets of the State, White Plains, New York

Did you know that waking a sleeping bear to take a photo is illegal in the state of Alaska? If you didn’t, you’re not in the minority. For most, Alaska remains an unexplored frontier full of mystery and intrigue. Home to seventeen out of twenty of the world’s highest peaks, Alaska is not a trip to be missed. And if you’re looking at teen travel camps for your high school student, the Alaska Sprint offered by Zeal Adventure and Travel is the perfect opportunity to give your child the chance to explore, grow, and learn in unrivaled beauty. Based out of White Plains, NY, Zeal Adventure and Travel highlights a few lesser known facts about Alaska and outlines what’s included in the Alaska Sprint youth travel program.

What You Don’t Know About Alaska 

teen travel campsContaining over 100 volcanoes that have been active in the last decade, Alaska offers stunning beauty, a tactile education in unique ecosystems, and an unbeatable look at the fishing industry. With over 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes in the state, student travel programs offering trips to Alaska showcase everything from glacier climbing to river rafting for a chance to experience the thrill of adventure while viewing the state’s natural beauty up close. As the source of most of America’s salmon, crab, halibut and herring, Alaska’s fishing industry is unrivaled and offers a host of learning opportunities for participants in summer travel programs.

Why The Alaska Sprint Should Make Your List of Teen Travel Camps

The goal of student travel programs is to provide teens with a chance to experience the thrill of a new adventure while growing as individuals and learning real life lessons. Zeal Adventure and Travel’s Alaska Sprint youth travel program offers all this and more for your teen. Your high schooler will complete 15 hours of community service while learning to climb ice glaciers, raft the Alaskan waters, and camp and hike in Denali National Park. Where else is your child going to get this experience? Teen travel camps are designed to broaden your child’s horizons, and Alaska provides the perfect environment to do so.

Researching summer travel programs for your teen? Call (844) 282-9325 or visit the Zeal Adventure and Travel website to learn more about the company’s Alaska Sprint program, or to view any of the other teen travel camps offered through the company.