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The History of the Laundromat May 19, 2017

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The History of the Laundromat, Dothan, Alabama

Nowadays, taking a trip to the local laundromat to wash and dry your clothes is a common chore. In Dothan, AL, locals who need clean, professional laundry equipment go to Park Avenue Coin Laundry. As the region’s best location for self-serve and drop-off laundry service, they take pride in keeping their facility in top-notch condition. As proud business owners, they often reflect on the history of the laundromat.

The Invention of the Washer

The very first washing machine was invented in 1858 by Hamilton Smith. A little less than 20 years later, a man named William Blackstone invented a household washer as a gift for his wife. While these machines were incredibly convenient, they were expensive luxuries that most families were unable to afford. As a result, the laundromat was born. 

The First Laundromat

LaundromatIn 1934, the first laundromat, called J.F. Cantrell’s Washateria, opened its doors in Fort Worth, Texas. This laundry facility featured four washing machines that charged by the hour. Laundromats quickly gained popularity, and 15 years later, Bendix Home Appliances created the first coin operated washers. 

Modern Facilities

Modern laundromats still use coin operated machines, but they have more advanced technology. Today, you’ll have the opportunity to utilize washers and dryers of various sizes, depending on your needs. Most machines will vary in price based on the size of the load or the time you need drying. To better serve customers, laundromats, like Park Avenue Coin Laundry, also have ATMs, laundry detergent for sale, and drop-off service if you don’t have the time to stick around and clean your own items. 

If you live in the Greater Dothan, AL, area and you’re looking for a clean, comfortable laundromat, call Park Avenue Coin Laundry at (334) 678-0800 to learn more about washing and drying services. For more information on how this trusted local laundry facility can keep your clothes fresh, check out the website

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