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3 Reasons You Should Remove Personal Items During Your Open House in Boston May 3, 2017

Downtown Boston, Boston
3 Reasons You Should Remove Personal Items During Your Open House in Boston, Boston, Massachusetts

Open houses can be emotional for sellers, especially when your real estate agent recommends depersonalizing the space. Many sellers feel like their decorations, photos, and furniture create a warm and welcoming feeling, while buyers might not necessarily agree. Here are three reasons you should remove personal items during open houses.

open housesBuyers Try to Imagine Themselves in the Space

As soon as a potential buyer steps through your front door, they will start thinking about how they would use the space if they were to buy your home. Unfortunately, that large framed family photo hanging above the mantle can act as a stark reminder that they aren’t home, making them feel uncomfortable. Depersonalizing the space creates a feeling of neutrality, giving potential buyers the opportunity to enjoy what your home could be if they lived there.

Some Hobbies Can Be Offensive

You might be proud of that 12-point deer head hanging on the wall of your office, but your hunting talents might be offensive to potential buyers. The same can be said for your taste in art, music, and religious décor. When it comes to deciding what to leave and what to move into your storage unit, focus on taking down anything that could spark controversy with a stranger.

Leaving Items Out Can Create Liabilities

Open houses attract everyone from the elderly to large families with small children. Unfortunately, the personal items in your home that you are used to being around might be foreign—or even dangerous—to strangers. Go through your home and remove items that could pose hazards to people walking through your space, including heavy sculptures, precariously placed décor, and rugs that could cause tripping hazards.


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