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Why You Should Schedule Tree Trimming Before Summer May 18, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
Why You Should Schedule Tree Trimming Before Summer, Honolulu, Hawaii

Tall, green trees on your property keep you shaded from the sun and improve the look of your landscape. Scheduling tree trimming services to prepare for the summer season will help ensure the health and growth of your yard. The experts at Sherwood’s Tree Service in Honolulu, HI share with you the benefits of trimming your trees before the onset of summer.

Tree trimming isn’t just the act of removing overhanging branches and limbs. It is a service that will help encourage proper growth and keep your trees healthy. Pruning your trees during a dormant period before summer can help ensure a burst of new growth once the summer season begins. Trimming during this time will also allow the professionals to remove any long heavy branches and dead wood before any summer storms or high winds can cause branches or trees to fall. This is also a good time to check for any weaknesses or compromised branches and limbs that may also fall in high winds and cause damage to your property or home.  

tree trimmingTree trimming can also help prevent decay if the proper cuts are made. Improper cutting of trees can promote disease or decay, so a scheduled tree trimming will help ensure that the professionals are cutting and pruning your trees in the manner that will promote growth and keep trees growing properly through their growth period in the spring and summer. This is also a great time to assess trees for any insect damage or disease. Taking preventative measures to combat insects and disease can lengthen the lifespan of your trees.

Keep your trees healthy and growing strong and schedule your tree trimming before summer begins. Call the professional, affordable tree service experts at Sherwood Tree Service at (808) 537-9705 to make an appointment today. For more on all services including, landscaping and hydroseeding, visit them online.

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