Back Bay, Massachusetts
700 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
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NearSay Near You: The Honolulu Buzz April 25, 2017

Back Bay, Boston
NearSay Near You: The Honolulu Buzz, Boston, Massachusetts

Want to know what local businesses in Honolulu are buzzing about? Every week, we round up the latest insights, news, and tips shared by business owners throughout the area. Here’s what they have to say this week.

This Week’s Honolulu Buzz

April 24, 2017

Art Supplies 3 Ways Art Plays Critical Role in Childhood Development

According to research discussed below, art plays a critical role in childhood development and delivers many benefits to young learners.   Read More »

Published by: Hawaiian Graphics


Time ShareThe Best Time to Invest in a Timeshare

A timeshare is essentially your own personal vacation destination. While the allure of having partial property ownership in a luxurious spot can be irresistible, it’s important to focus on the small details that can make your investment worthwhile. Read More »

Published by: The Imperial Hawaii Resort at Waikiki



3 Tips for Anyone Trying Yoga for the First Time

Yoga is rooted in Hinduism but has been adopted by people in Western cultures and modified to a become a popular fitness class. Body Balance recommends yoga as an excellent low-impact exercise.  Read More »

Published by: Body Balance



Enjoy Crepes 7 Ways at This Popular Hawaiian Restaurant

 Whether it’s a fresh crepe wrapped around a creamy fruit filling or a recently-caught fish that’s been fried up with a side of eggs, there’s only one restaurant in Honolulu that’s known for their unique menu selections, and that’s Eggs ‘n Things.  Read More »

Published by: Eggs 'n Things - Waikiki Beach Eggspress



Tips for Preparing Your Child to Move From Preschool to Kindergarten

For parents, preschool graduation is one of their first opportunities to watch with pride as their little one crosses a stage. For children, this event can be laced with anxiety.There are a number of ways you can help prepare them and ease the transition. Read More »

Published by: Pali Preschool


Did you read something you liked? Let your neighborhood businesses know! And check back next week for a new roundup of Honolulu Buzz!

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