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3 Benefits of Choosing a Septic Company That Offers Grease Trap Cleaning May 4, 2017

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3 Benefits of Choosing a Septic Company That Offers Grease Trap Cleaning, Corbin, Kentucky

When choosing a septic company, it’s important to consider not only their reputation and training but other services they provide, such as grease trap cleaning. If you own a restaurant or operate a commercial kitchen, this is an essential job that can prevent significant problems. The skilled technicians at Cox’s Septic Service in Corbin, KY, provide a broad range of top-notch services, including septic tank pumping and maintenance, sludge removal, and grease trap cleaning.

They explain the benefits of choosing a septic system maintenance company that also offers grease trap cleaning:

  • Safe Environment: A healthy and comfortable environment is crucial for customers and employees, and regular grease trap cleaning helps you provide it. A septic company that also specializes in grease trap service will have the equipment and expertise needed to handle the jobs efficiently so you avoid plumbing problems. Grease trap cleaning also is critical to reducing your risk of a fire.
  • Grease trap cleaning Corbin KYEasy Scheduling: Your septic tank and grease trap require regular cleaning. Hiring one company to handle both jobs lets you create a plan that streamlines your maintenance schedule and payment process.
  • Avoid Fines: If your gas trap interceptor is not cleaned properly, waste can build up, blocking your drain and promoting bacteria growth. Health department authorities could shut down your business and impose fines. Choosing a septic company that offers grease trap cleaning lets you avoid damage to your reputation and budget. 

Keeping up with septic tank maintenance and grease trap cleaning is a crucial responsibility for any operator of a commercial kitchen. Cox’s Septic Service in Corbin, KY, provides the assistance you need to help your business run smoothly. To schedule an appointment, call (606) 528-4782 or contact them online, where you’ll find more information about their services. Like them on Facebook for septic tank maintenance tips.

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