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3 Reasons Now Is the Perfect Time for Selling a House May 16, 2017

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
3 Reasons Now Is the Perfect Time for Selling a House, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Choosing when to sell is a strategic decision; selling a house needs to be done at a time that makes sense for what’s happening in your life, but if possible, it also should be done when you can get the most equity out of your investment. The Wisconsin Rapids real estate market is hotter than it’s been in a long time, and your trusted real estate broker at Coldwell Banker can help you leverage this.

3 Reasons It’s Good to be a Seller

1. Mortgage Rates are Low

selling a houseWhile mortgage rates have continued to generally rise in recent months, they are still much lower than they have been for decades. Experts also predict rates will rise in the near future. Consumers want to lock in those low-interest rates while they still can, so they’re interested in buying a house now.

2. Job Markets Thrive

Unemployment is decreasing and wages are increasing, resulting in a booming job market. Families are finally able to earn a living and feel confident that they will have a job in the long term. As a result, people that have only felt comfortable renting in the past now feel that they can afford a single-family home.

3. Inventory Is Low

The high demand for homes has resulted in an extremely low inventory. Buyers are having difficulty finding property for sale, and when they do, there are other buyers vying for the same property. Low inventory and high demand can mean multiple offers for your listing.

If you are interested in leveraging the current real estate market, you want someone experienced and trustworthy at your side. Call Coldwell Banker at (715) 424-4800 to talk with an agent about your home’s value and the best strategy for selling a house now.

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