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Why FitFlop™ Shoes Are So Popular May 12, 2017

Paramus, Bergen County
Why FitFlop™ Shoes Are So Popular, Paramus, New Jersey

Footwear trends come and go, but the FitFlop™ brand’s combination of style and comfort makes them a perennial favorite. The beloved shoe brand for men and women is renowned for its revolutionary construction and design. In a world full of comfort shoes, what makes this brand stand out?

Founded in 2007 by beauty entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore, FitFlop’s goal was simple: engage the wearer’s leg muscles as they walk. The brand’s first sandal, the Walkstar™, redefined the shoe industry by proving comfort footwear could also be fashionable.

shoes Paramus NJFitFlops are designed with exclusive Microwobbleboard™ technology, an ergonomic feature that absorbs shock and envelops feet in deep cushioning. As the brand grew in popularity, the company added several other comfort features, including the SupercomFF™ sole, which is designed to relieve foot pressure and provide a light, airy, and flexible fit. Even the company’s lightest technology, known as iQushion™, doesn’t skimp on comfort; it’s designed with foam pillows that protect the foot from impact and increase overall comfort from front to back.

In addition to offering unparalleled comfort, these men’s and women’s shoes also provide serious style. They’re available in a wide range of colors and run the gamut from simple to sparkly. Choose a solid shade to pair with casual ensembles or try a more detailed design if you’re feeling adventurous. There are FitFlops for every season and fashion preference, whether you’re in search of sandals for summer or boots for winter.

With shoes this comfortable, there’s no reason to ever slip into a pair of toe-pinching heels again. When you try your first pair, you’ll understand why so many consumers rave about their FitFlops.


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