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Fuji Steak House: An Endless Feast of Japanese Cuisine For The Palate December 1, 2014

Florence, Boone
Fuji Steak House: An Endless Feast of Japanese Cuisine For The Palate, Florence, Kentucky

Some claim that you can travel via taste, smell, and sight alone. If that's true, the shortest distance between Florence and the culinary magic of Japan is undeniably the wildly popular Fuji Steak House, a passport to the East unto itself, which has been serving up exemplary Japanese cuisine since its inception.

Boasting a lunch, dinner, hibachi grill, and appetizer menu that is as creative and enterprising as it is extensive, Fuji does everything from sushi and Thai curries to specialty noodles and filet mignon—and then some. Every meal is made fresh on the teppanyaki grill in front of you, paying apt homage to the famous phrase, “We feast with the eyes first,” in a way that translates directly to your taste buds.

Also renowned for their beautiful, atmospheric décor, Fuji seeks to provide every guest with an experience that's not just a gastronomical delight, but a cultural and aesthetic one as well. Open seven days a week, the restaurant offers daily lunch and dinner specials that are as nutritious as they are delectable. With so many options to choose from—South African lobster tail, New York strip steak, calamari, tempura, and onward—Fuji Steak House is one-stop shopping (or, more aptly, chomping). It is also unique in that it provides patrons with opportunities to privately consult with the chef and build their own feasts, which means you can treat your business, graduation, or special event party to a full-immersion, custom-designed dinner with all the trimmings.

In short, whether you're looking to grab “a movable feast” on the go or want to experience an evening of authentic, gorgeously atmospheric Japanese dining, Fuji Steak House is—like its namesake, the highest mountain in Japan—the apex of Japanese cuisine. To find out more, peruse the menu's mouth-watering selection online or call (859) 746-8180

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