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3 Key Benefits of Working with a Local Auto Insurance Agent May 1, 2017

Milledgeville, Baldwin
3 Key Benefits of Working with a Local Auto Insurance Agent, Milledgeville, Georgia

You have some choices when choosing an auto insurance agent. For instance, you can opt for the cheapest rates, often from a faceless insurance company representative in a far-flung state. Alternatively, you can choose to work with a local agent who provides comprehensive service and invaluable advice. Craig-Massee Insurance Agency in Milledgeville, GA, discusses some of the benefits of working with a local insurance company to get the coverage you need. For more than 45 years, this independent insurance agency has provided customers throughout Baldwin County indispensable guidance when choosing auto insurance, and demonstrating every day how a local agent is worth their weight in gold.

3 Important Benefits of Working with a Local Auto Insurance Agency

1. Regional Expertise

Auto insuranceA local agent has regional expertise, which means they thoroughly understand the area you live in. They’re familiar with state and local laws and guidelines, and they make sure you’re in compliance with all of them. They know the particular risks and peculiarities of the region—a high risk of car thefts, for instance, or a dangerous stretch of road—and can, therefore, advise you accurately of the need for different types of coverage.

2. Accessibility

Have you ever called an insurance company and found yourself in voice mail limbo, pressing a never-ending series of keys to select the services you want and never actually speaking to a live human? That doesn’t happen when your agent is just around the corner. Local agents are easy to reach, whether you want to stop by to pay a bill, file a claim, or adjust your policy.

3. Community Support

This benefit has two components. First, by selecting a local agent, you support the local economy instead of sending all your insurance dollars to another city or state. Second, local insurance agents often respond in kind by supporting the community themselves. Many agents sponsor youth sports teams, participate in the Chamber of Commerce, fund local events, and support local charities.

Craig-Massee Insurance Agency in Baldwin County, GA, can help you choose the perfect auto, home, or life insurance policy to fit your needs and your budget. Visit their website to view directions, or call (478) 452-3539 to request a free, no obligation quote.

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