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What to Take and What to Place in Self-Storage When You Move May 8, 2017

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What to Take and What to Place in Self-Storage When You Move, Anchorage, Alaska

Moving comes with a lot of logistics. Have you canceled mail to your current residence? Have you set up cable and internet services at your new abode? In addition to these tasks, you have all your belongings to pack up and move. Luckily, you don’t have to do it all in one go. Some items can be kept in self-storage during your next transition.

What to Take

self storagePrioritize the most important items as you’re deciding what to take to your new home. Start with anything you’re going to need immediately. That means several sets of clothes for the next week or so, bedding, standard kitchen appliances, and any tools to set up your new home. You’ll also want to move furniture as soon as possible so you have a place to sit or eat at your new home. Once you have the basics in your home, you can move on to less important items.

What to Store

As you determine what to put in self-storage, consider the items you want to keep but don’t have an immediate need for. For example, seasonal clothing or decorations you won’t need anytime soon can be kept in storage. You may also want to store home decor if you aren’t sure how you’ll use it in your new home, as well as any excess boxes you don’t want to unpack yet. You can phase items out of self-storage when you’re ready to deal with them, so don’t stress yourself trying to handle everything at once.


Moving is simple when you utilize self-storage. As you’re preparing to move, look to International Self Storage in Anchorage, AK. To learn more about their available units, visit their website or give the team a call at (907) 563-3287.

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