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The Difference Between Tumbling and Gymnastics May 5, 2017

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The Difference Between Tumbling and Gymnastics, Penfield, New York

They’re often conflated, but tumbling and gymnastics are two very distinctive activities. If your child has expressed interest in learning one or both of these sports, it can be helpful to know the differences between the two. The instructors at The Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester offer safe and enjoyable courses for budding gymnasts in Penfield, NY, and they want to help students develop the skills they need to excel in either gymnastics or tumbling.

tumblingKids who partake in gymnastics perform a comprehensive range of acrobatic moves, including handstands, flips, and jumps. Gymnasts utilize special equipment for some of these maneuvers or during certain routines. For example, they may show off their swinging moves on parallel bars or use still rings to perform controlled handstands and dismounts. They may exhibit their unrivaled balance skills on the balance bars or use props like ropes and ribbons to perform rhythmic routines

Tumbling, on the other hand, is a form of gymnastics that doesn’t require the use of any type of equipment. All tumbling moves are performed on the floor and include somersaults, backflips, forward flips, handsprings, and handstands. Tumbling routines may also include the use of trampolines.

Gymnastics classes are a great starting point for kids who want to ease into the world of tumbling. That’s because many of the moves included in tumbling are incorporated into gymnastics, and classes are geared to students of all ages. Once skills such as balance and strength develop, it’s easier to move on to tumbling, which requires a great deal of energy and movement.

At The Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester, students receive the training and conditioning needed to develop their gymnastics skills. The goal is to produce confidence and knowledge that helps them on and off the mat. Visit the center’s website to learn more about their classes, or call (585) 388-8686.

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