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Cut the Cord: A Wireless Solutions Q&A May 1, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
Cut the Cord: A Wireless Solutions Q&A, Rochester, New York

When working with electronics, too many wires can spell doom for your organization and sanity. Thankfully, wireless solutions are available that largely remove much of the need for endless tangles of cables. When stepping into the wireless world for the first time, it’s important to have an experienced guide to help you understand the ins and outs. With a penchant for efficient work and exceptional customer service, Affordable PC Services & Solutions in West Henrietta, NY, offers this quick rundown of what to know before going wireless.

Basics of Wireless Solutions

1.  What Is a Wireless Network?

wireless solutionsNetworks are the key to all wireless solutions. A wireless network is a system that uses radio waves to connect various devices such as laptops, phones, and gaming systems to the internet without the need of traditional access cables.

2. How Far Does the Signal of a Wireless Network Reach?

Usually, the range of a standard router or access point extends around 300 feet. There are other factors, such as wall material and thickness, that can affect this.

3. Are Wireless Networks Secure?

When working with wireless solutions, security is often a significant concern. While it’s possible to leave your wireless network unlocked and accessible to anyone within range, there are a number of different security measures that can be taken. Data encryption, for example, only gives select users access to information transfers over your network, while authentication tracks which computers are trying to access the network.

4. What Equipment Is Necessary?

Providing wireless solutions doesn’t require a lot of equipment. A standard router will connect to several devices, and you can extend the signal reach by placing additional access points as necessary. Many devices are equipped with built-in wireless capabilities. If a device is not, a wireless network adapter card is needed.

Once you go wireless, there’s a good chance you’ll never go back to a mess of cables again. And, when you have the experience and dedication of Affordable PC Services & Solutions on your side, you can be sure that the installation of wireless solutions will be efficient and handled with the utmost care. For more information, call (585) 259-9251 or visit their website today.

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