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What Is Down Bedding? April 27, 2017

Mason, Warren
What Is Down Bedding?, Mason, Ohio

Down bedding is bedding that features the first undercoating of feathers on a goose or duck. Naturally warm and lightweight, down clusters are made from soft fibers attached to a central core, trapping air and insulating the body without holding in moisture. Down products stay dry and soft while keeping you warm.

How to Select Down Bedding

down beddingThere are two characteristics to look for when shopping for down bedding: how fluffy and how pure the fill is. DOWNLITE, a national online retailer for down products including down comforters, pillows, mattresses, and more, has a variety of bedding options depending on your preference and the level of warmth you require. Summer down comforters are more lightweight than comforters made for colder weather. Down is a very warm fill, so choose carefully based on your climate and the season in which you intend to use it.

Another factor to understand when choosing down bedding is where the down comes from. Eiderdown, for example, comes from the eider duck, a large seabird, and is one of the best feather insulators. Bigger, more mature birds offer better down for optimal warmth and comfort.

Down Lifespan

The better quality down, the longer it will last. Large, mature geese and ducks produce the highest grade down that will remain fluffy for a long time. Mature down is also lighter and warmer and will not collapse like down from a younger bird. When quality down bedding is washed and sanitized carefully according to care instructions, it will last many years.

To find the best down bedding for you, visit DOWNLITE online and view their inventory of comforters, pillows, hotel bedding, and more. Call (866) 931-3696 or visit their bedding care website to learn how to keep your down products in top shape.