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Top 4 Benefits of Having Automatic Doors for Your Garage May 3, 2017

Olive Branch, DeSoto
Top 4 Benefits of Having Automatic Doors for Your Garage, Olive Branch, Mississippi

In the old days, operating your garage’s doors required getting in and out of your vehicle and doing heavy lifting. But that is no longer the case. Modern automatic doors make the process much less complicated.

Mid-South Door, the leading seller of residential and commercial garage doors in Olive Branch, MS, discusses some of the most important benefits of automatic doors below. Since 1988, their garage door repair and installation services have been making life easier for customers throughout DeSoto County.

Important Benefits of Automatic Doors

Automatic doorsConvenience

The convenience of automatic doors are immediately apparent. You never have to leave your car to open or close the garage as you exit or return. It saves you time, eliminates the hassle of climbing in and out, and lets you stay inside your comfortable car when the weather is exceptionally hot or cold.


Automatic garage doors lock in place when they are closed, so you don’t need a key to keep your garage—and the belongings inside—secure. Moreover, many models have a keyless entry panel with a code that opens the door, so you can enter even if you don’t have a remote control.


Many manual garage doors are extremely heavy and pose a risk of strain or injury to users who are not strong enough to lift them. Automatic doors, on the other hand, don’t require any heavy lifting, and most are equipped with sensors that detect if something is in their path while they’re closing. If it senses an obstruction, it reverses the direction of the door.  


Most modern garage door openers feature automatic lighting that illuminates the garage when the mechanism is activated. This keeps users from fumbling around in a dark garage, and it helps them find their way inside safely.

Mid-South Door has been the most reliable installer of residential and commercial garage doors in Olive Branch, MS, for nearly 30 years. To make the most of their quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, visit their website. Call (662) 893-1191 to discuss an automatic door installation for your home with a friendly professional.

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